Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DIY Chinese New Year's Art and Craft

These peacocks ain't easy to make. But, it impressed everyone that pass by. :P
Ang Pow Auspicious Chinese Coins. If you turn it around, it can be the number 8 which is the auspicious number for prosperity.
Ang Pow flower which can be transform to butterfly too if the fillers are added

So the Western Valentine is over. If you missed it, you can still celebrate the Oriental or it's actually the Chinese Lunar Valentine. It will be this Thursday which is 2 days later. :P

I thought I have forgotten to share some nice decoration which was done right at the day before the first day of Chinese New Year.

That's what we did for this year's CNY home decorations. The peacock was marvellous! Everyone who visited us love it. I promised I will do more like fish or dragon for next year. Other than hanging them on the walls, I plan to make some door hangers, nice hanging from the ceilings and something standing on the floor or table top. Wow! That's ambitious! Haha!

I think these Ang Pow DIY is definitely more unique than those we bought from the shop. After all, The family members were having so much fun making them together. This activity is totally compatible with the Reunion theme. LOL!

Next year, we should have times baking cookies together too. :)

One again, may all of us are lucky, healthy and wealthy for the year of 2011!


chanelwong said...

it is sooo beautiful....
I am sure the peacock will really impress anyone...

Everyday Healy said...

Thanks. Frankly, I don't know how to begin at all by looking at the sample. Luckily, my brother's gf is good at making craft. LOL!